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How to put password to documents, PDF, WORD?

December 30th, 2011

Question by parxas: How to put password to documents, PDF, WORD?
Hello everyone, does anybody know how to put password to a document and print it with limitations? For example, i have a pdf or word document, and i want it to print only 5 times. Then the password should reset and the document should not print. I am not looking for freeware but also a paid document.

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Answer by jalford12
Open the file.
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click Security.
Do one of the following:
Create a password to open

In the Password to open box, type a password, and then click OK.
In the Reenter password to open box, type the password again, and then click OK.
You could probably use something like either cookies or a registry entry to monitor the number of times a document has been printed.

Use VBA to trap the Print request and add to a counter. When the counter hits 5, then deactivate the password and reprompt.
1.Open the file in Acrobat.
2.Choose File > Document Security…
3.From the “Security Options” drop-down, select “Acrobat Standard Security”
4.Place a check mark in the box labeled “Password required to open document”
5.Type the password.
6.If you also wish to add a required password to change permissions or password, check that box, and supply the password. This password must be different than the first one.
7.If you want your document to be password accessible to users who have previous versions of Acrobat Reader (versions earlier than 5.0) do not change the 40-bit encryption setting. If your audience will be using version 5 or later versions of the Reader (or the full Acrobat program) then you may use 128-bit encryption.
8.Note that from this same dialog box you may also suppress printing of the pdf document, suppress changing the document, suppress content copying or image extraction, and suppress adding or changing comments. Check the box next to the options you wish to apply.
9.Click OK.
10.You will be required to confirm one or both passwords. You must re-type them exactly.
11.If you forget the passwords, you will never be able to open the document again.
Print limitations on PDF, I don’t know.

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